Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stones of Aries

Some of the things I love the most, besides my gorgeous children and large, absolutely crazy family; are arts and crafts, of any kind or medium; research, I mean anything that gets me even the slightest bit curious; and gemstones, well any and all rocks. I’m able to combine these loves and share them with others through Danu’s Treasure Trove.

Lately I have been making jewelry that is centered around the Zodiac. This of course means that I have been researching zodiac stones. So, I thought I’d share some the interesting things I’ve found out about them.

First up is Zodiac Stones for Aries. The two main stones for Aries are Diamonds & Bloodstones.

The Diamond is known as ‘The King of Gems’. The ancient Greeks named it “adamas”, meaning invincible, indestructible. Diamonds are believed to provide strength, courage, and invincibility in a fight. They also help produce bravery, daring, and eventual victory. Therefore, in Ancient Rome, soldiers wore diamonds that were set in steel rings created so that the stone would touch their skin.

The Diamond is also known as ‘The Stone of Protection’. Having a diamond faceted in a six sided cut will bring the wearer lifelong luck. The mount should not prevent the stone from touching the skin, otherwise its properties will disappear.

Diamonds are also believed to bring longevity, balance, clarity, and abundance; particularly to a relationship. They also encourage self-confidence and independence, and counteract jealousy. It’s recommended that diamonds be worn on the left hand or at the neck for stronger benefits.

Associations: Chakra – 7th; Element – Fire; Planets – Sun & Venus

World's First All Diamond Ring by Shawish

[This Diamond worn on the left hand would be perfect, don’t you think? I think I could totally Rock that Diamond. :P] (Click caption to read the article)

Bloodstone is known as ‘The Stone of Courage’. It was carried by soldiers to avoid been wounded and to stop bleeding. It’s believed to have a calming effect on fear and anger. It is also said to lengthen life and aid one to go unnoticed, if desired.

Bloodstone is also known as ‘The Martyr’s Stone’. Legend says that bloodstones were first formed when drops of Christ’s blood fell and stained some Jasper at the foot of the cross.

In ancient times, women carried bloodstones to ensure a safe pregnancy and childbirth. It’s also believed to help one to be victorious in legal matters, and aid in business by attracting money and success. Keep a Bloodstone in your wallet for luck, money, and health.

                Associations: Chakras – 1st & 5th; Element – Fire; Planet – Mars

Skullis, Creator of the Finest Crystal & Gemstone Skulls

[I also love dragons so I couldn’t resist this beautiful carved bloodstone ring. I think I could rock that one too.] (Click the caption for more info)

Well thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great weekend!!



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