Sunday, March 18, 2012

You Can't Be A Ninja Without Chakra Stones

For the last 10 days, our beautiful city of Austin, TX has been taken over by South By Southwest. SXSW is a celebration of our title of "Live Music Capital of the World". You can find live music at almost any time of the day or night. We have visitors from all over. This is also a terrific opportunity for vendors; there are tent cities set up all over town, selling everything imaginable. The most prolific area is on a section of South Congress, SoCo to the locals. 

We were set up last Sunday on SoCo at the Market @SnackBar, enjoying the beautiful weather and eclectic crowds; and selling our wares. Three young, college-aged men came into our booth to browse. Young men are not our usual demographic, so this was unusual. One of them called his friend over to see our Chakra Stone display. He said to his friend, "You can't be a ninja without chakra stones". We had to stifle chuckles. Well, apparently it was so. His friend was, seemingly, fascinated by the informational brochure that accompanies our Chakra Stones. He asked if he could have the brochure; and when I explained that it came with the stones, he bought a set. Shock and surprise!
Chakra Stones

While the "Ninja" was studying the Chakra Stones, his friends were browsing the rest of our booth. Another of the young men bought one of the few men's pieces we had left and said, "I'll probably be back later". How many times have we heard that? We very seldom see that person again. But, he did come back several hours later. He must have visited many of the blocks of vendors in the time he was gone. Upon his return to our booth, he purchased a number of gifts that he said were for his mother and sisters. 

Prosperity Tree

Well, I have to tell you, our hearts soared. Of course, it was wonderful having the sales; but the most exciting part was that he chose to give gifts of our creation to those that he loved. I credit those sales to the power of the stones themselves. They wanted to go home (wherever that was) with this delightful young man; and they called him back to our booth.


Sóbhrag (Theresa) & Liz

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