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Celtic Astrology - Huath, Beach

The popular Celtic Tree Astrology is based on works by Helena Patterson, who in turned used Robert Graves’ work The White Goddess. Additional research has shown Graves’ system to be greatly debated by scholars. See The Fabrication of ‘Celtic’ Astrology, if you are interested in following the debate. That being said, I am sharing this information strictly for your amusement.

May 13 - June 9

Blodewwedd -Owl by Jen Delyth
Tree: Hawthorn
Ogham word: Uath (Huath)
Birth Animal: Bee /Seahorse
Gaelic Name: Beach
Celtic Symbol: The Chalice
Ruling Planet: Vulcan
Birthstone: Topaz (gem of the setting sun)
Deities: Olwen (Daughter of Giant Hawthorn& summer flower maiden), Govannan (smith god), & Blodewwedd (the May Queen)

Hawthorn is believed to mean ‘hedge’.  It is a small tree of the rose family, which represents human nature, sexuality, reproduction, and fertility. Christian Legend has it that Joseph of Arimathea planted his staff in the ground at Glastonbury and it became a hawthorn tree, always blooming on Christmas day. To this day a blooming twig is annually sent to the Queen. Fairy spirits are believed to live among the bushes; and because of the sharp thorns the tree stands for physical protection. For the Turks, a branch is considered an erotic symbol.

There are supposedly two types of Hawthorn personalities. The ‘New moon’ character, associated with the first two weeks of this period; and the ‘full moon’ character, associated with the last two weeks. The ‘new moon’ individuals are more impulsive than those born under the ‘full moon’, and have a more sensual nature. They are extremely focused and driven once they have decided on a course of action. ‘Full moon’ persons have a distinctly different approach to all things. They are difficult to “pin down” regarding personal relationships or any type of commitment. They have a wider vision which can open the ‘locked doors’ of the mind.

Hawthorn tree people are charismatic, creative, and full of innovative ideas. They are also multi-talented, able to adapt easily to change, and often excel in performing arts. Hawthorns have a gift for influencing others while remaining sympathetic. They are lively, spontaneous, have good communication skills, and an abundance of self-confidence. Those born under this moon are honest and sincere as friends, good listeners, and have a sharp sense of humor that’s brimming with irony, a talent that attracts many to writing and journalism. They are well adjusted, versatile, naturally curious, and have an interest in a broad range of subjects. Hawthorns are also able to see the big picture and are very insightful, a talent that makes them good parents, because they are not easily fooled by clever children.

Hawthorns are easily bored, crave mental stimulation and challenges, and love to try a little bit of everything. They have a volatile temper resulting in bursts of anger. Their knowledge regarding the weakness of adversaries or opposing forces does not make them ruthless, merely clever strategists.

The Druid Animal Oracle, Illustrated by Bill Worthington
The bee (Beach) is the animal most associated with this time. Simivisionos, which means bright time, is the Celtic name for this season. Bees are busy, social, methodical in their way of thinking, and like to take the lead. They are also divine, fruitful, charismatic, fertile, creative, and always full of new ideas.

Bees are compatible with the crane(Jan 21-Feb17)  and the swan (Sep 2-Sep 29); and relate well with the bear (Mar 18-Apr 14), the cat (Jul 8-Aug 4) or the owl (Oct 28-Nov 24).

The other animal I found associated with time was the seahorse, which has an amazing memory and a sharp mind. They are also clever, flexible, resourceful, versatile, adaptable, and hard to follow.


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