Friday, June 15, 2012

Stones of Gemini - Agate

Thunder Eggs
Agates are generally multi-colored and multi-layered. There are many different types of agate, in many different color combinations and they are found all over the world. Its properties and names are different according to its appearance and to the location in which it is found. The name agate is from a stone originally discovered on the ‘achate’ river (currently known as the Drillo River) in southwest Sicily. Agate is the state stone/mineral/gemstone for many US states. It is the official stone/rock for Kentucky, Arizona, Nebraska, and Florida. It’s the official gemstone for S. Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, and Nebraska. It’s also the official mineral of Louisiana and Tennessee.

German Agate Bowl
In ancient times agates were highly valued as talismans or amulets. They were believed to make one invisible, thus protecting the wearer from danger. Early Greeks wore them for protection from the sea. Early civilizations used eye beads to protect from evil and to bring good luck. Eye beads were created by carving a hole in an agate disc. In Medieval times the wearing of agate was said to bring God’s favor; and to make one agreeable and persuasive.  Legend says that wearing agate would give victory and strength to the wearer, and protect from all danger. A stone of strength, it was used by ancients on the breast plates of armor to give warriors strength and make them victorious in battle. It was also believed to quench thirst and protect from fever. Some of the earliest tools were made of agate. Farmers of old would use agate to ensure a good crop. It is said that Persian magicians used this stone to divert storms. Some legends claim that any person who looks upon agate can’t remain secretive and must tell the truth. Agate bowls were popular during the Byzantine Empire, and also favored by European royalty during the Renaissance era. A collection of 3,000 agate bowls was accumulated by Mithradadates, King of Pontus.

Ox Head Cup
The metaphysical properties of any specific agate depend, in some part, on the color; but all agates have certain things in common. These stones are believed to provide balance, courage, protection, healing, and to calm emotions. They enhance creativity and strengthen the intellect. Agates are known as a stone of strength and good luck. They are said to provide protection for children, especially against falls. These stones are thought to increase energy, give emotion strength, dispel fear, lessen envy by grounding emotions, ease anxiety and stress, remove and release resentments and bitterness, and help to improve relationships. They are also alleged to help discern truth, improve memory and concentration, increase stamina, bring prosperity, prevent insomnia, ensure pleasant dreams, and avert storms and lighting. Furthermore, agates are believed to enable one to choose between true friends and false ones, to remove curses, and to eliminate bad luck.

Agate Slices
  • Zodiac: Gemini, Virgo
  • Mystical Stone: September
  • Elemental Stone: Gemini
  • Element: depends on color
  • Planet:  Moon, Mercury
  • Chakras: depends on color
  • Deities: Mercury
  • Powers: Love, abundance, wealth, good luck, longevity, acceptance courage, strength, protection, balance, harmony, calming


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