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Celtic Astrology - Tinne

The popular Celtic Tree Astrology is based on works by Helena Patterson, who in turned used Robert Graves’ work The White Goddess. Additional research has shown Graves’ system to be greatly debated by scholars. See The Fabrication of ‘Celtic’ Astrology, if you are interested in following the debate. That being said, I am sharing this information strictly for your amusement.
Holly - Tinne
July 8 - Aug. 4

The Holly - The Ruler
Celtic Name: Tinne
Animal: Cat/Unicorn [Gaelic: Kati (pr. Ka-Chi)], Horse [Each]
Celtic Symbol: Unicorn
Ruling Planet: Earth
Birthstone: Red Carnelian
Celtic Season: Elembiuos  (claim time)
Deities: Govannon (The Smith God)
Compatibility: relationships with owl [10/28 - 11/24], & bear [3/18 - 4/14] and relate well with crane [1/21 - 2/17], bee [5/13/ - 6/9], and swan [9/2 - 9/29]

Celtic warriors carried cudgels (clubs) made of holly wood because it was believed to repel evil and enemies. Ancient Celtic chieftains were also crowned with holly wreaths. Just as oak is said to attract lightening, holly is thought to repel lightening and is often planted around homes for protection. It is alleged that the distinct shape of its leaves acts as a natural repellent for lightening energy.

Holly is an evergreen that fruits in the winter, the dark part of the year. Those born under the Holly (Tinne) Moon have a deep understanding of the dark, veiled side of humanity. This understanding enables these individuals to bring that which is in the dark, into the light. The ‘new moon’ personality (born the first 2 weeks), is more likely to become involved in the dreams and ambitions of others by providing financial and emotional support. The ‘full moon’ personality is more committed to themselves.

Holly individuals are noble souls, principled, enjoy challenges, and are able to overcome hurdles with great skill. When facing an obstruction, Hollies intensify their efforts and remain focused on obtaining their ultimate goal. Competitive and ambitious even in casual situations, they are seldom defeated. They can appear arrogant, but are essentially extremely confident in their abilities, which is why many people admire them and follow them as leaders.

Those who are born during this time are practical, cautious, logical, efficient, proficient and unwavering in adversity. These individual are known to have good business sense, exhibit extreme amounts of personal integrity, and tend to influence things greatly. Their word is, literally, their bond and honor; their guiding principle. These qualities make them very powerful leaders.

Being highly intelligent, things come easily for the Holly personality, but if not kept active they have an inclination to slip into an unhealthy and lazy lifestyle. They have a tendency to strive for perfection, which can lead to loss in confidence and direction if not accomplished. These individuals are generous, kind, and affectionate; once they get to know you. They are strong-willed and trustworthy friends. They sometimes appear to lack a sense of humor, this is due to their dislike of laughing at the expense of others. They often require a peaceful place to take a breather from the large amount of responsibility they place on themselves.

They are also sensitive to personal criticism and need constant affection and attention. Due to this need they can be very demanding in relationships, but are extremely loving themselves and often overly protective. They are tolerant and supportive, and are not inclined to wander. Holly personalities are compatible with Ash [2/18 – 3/17] and Elder [11/25 – 12/23].

The Druid Animal Oracle, Illustrated by Bill Worthington
The animals associated with this time of the year are the Cat [kati] and the Horse; the Unicorn is the symbol for this month, which represents purity and strength.

Cat personalities are very sensual, loyal, trustworthy, honest, loving, and protective. They have creative minds, an air of nobility, firm set of values, deep devotion to family, and can change and adapt quickly.

The Druid Animal Oracle, Illustrated by Bill Worthington

Horse individuals are exuberant, expansive, powerful, naturally competitive, talented in business matters, and have a sixth sense when it comes to strategy and navigation. They are unreserved, charismatic, flirty, and make grand appearances, knowing how to carry themselves with flair and authority. Horses are stubborn, confident, intelligent, and valiant in times of strife. They do well as leaders, but are also happy to be a helper, as long as they get recognition for their contributions.


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