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We are a mother (Theresa) and daughter (Liz) team of artists and crafters. We create arts and crafts for the spirit. Our goal is to match each creation with the individual for whom it was designed. Spirit works in mysterious ways sometimes to bring about those matches.

I am Theresa, the "mom" half of this team. I am also know as Sóbhrag among my shamanic community. My first venture into crafts was as a teenager, when I discovered I could augment my wardrobe by making my own clothes. I considered sewing a practical skill, not a talent or an art. You see, I was not artistic or creative. At least, that's what I grew up believing.

As a mother of six (often times single mother), by necessity, I learned many DIY skills; but this was practical. I managed to instill in my children an appreciation of gifts from the heart, or hand-made. I was, also, able to nurture the creative spirits in my children; resulting in some amazingly talented artists.

Jewelry making is an out-growth of my life-long love and fascination with rocks. When I started on the shamanic path, I realized that stones had always been speaking to me; but I had not learned how to listen. I had made jewelry, at times, over the years to accessorize special outfits for myself and the kids. I had the skills; and now I had the reason. It became my passion to create things that were both aesthetically pleasing and spiritually meaningful.

One of the lessons I have learned on my spiritual path is that I AM, and always have been, creative. I am in the process of learning to embrace this part of me, that I have spent my life denying.

Danu's Treasure Trove is the "child" born of this awakening. When I started talking about my vision of creating art and accessories for the spirit - and someday making a living with it - my daughter, Liz, jumped on board. She has been a multi-talented artist all of her life; and my voicing the idea, brought to life similar dreams that she long held.

And so the planning began - and continues. We spend long hours bouncing ideas around, critiquing designs, making endless to-do lists, and loving every minute of it.

We hope that the information we share here is interesting to you; and maybe find something in our shop that speaks to your spirit.


Theresa (Sóbhrag)

I am Liz, the "daughter" half of this team. I‘ve been drawing as long as I can remember. Around the age of 7, I was drawing pictures of houses and landscapes. By the age of 10, I was making my own cards for birthdays and holidays. About this same age, I developed an interest in photography.

Growing up with many siblings, money was often tight. We couldn’t always afford material things, so we learned to make the things we wanted with whatever was available. My mother always encouraged our creativity, and she was always my best critic (being the OCD that I am that was necessary). When I wanted to learn a new technique, she would pinch pennies to enable me to take a class in that skill; if it wasn’t covered in the art classes I took in school. When I got more serious about photography, she managed to purchase a nice camera for me. There were five of us at the time and she was a single mom, so that wasn’t easy.

As I grew my interests became more varied; I draw, paint, sew, photograph, and create nearly everything. There are a few skills I haven’t tried yet, but give me time and I’ll figure it out. As a mother of three beautiful sons, who are now grown, I learned not only to create, but repair and modify just about anything (as long as it wasn’t electronic or any serious car repairs). Along with our two large dogs, my boys could manage to tear up almost anything. Of course they never meant to, they were trying a new experiment, curious about how something worked, or rough housing with each other. So, I needed to learn to fix things or adapt them to withstand rough and tumble boys.  My youngest sister refers to me as her elf. She comes over with whatever item she has managed to break and asks me to fix it.

As a child I began collecting rocks and researching mythology. With my Mother help I am now able to share these loves with others. 


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